👋 Welcome to United States Universities Debating Championships 2018

Corrections: After the tournament, Chuan-Zheng reviewed all 445 scoresheets for the tournament and has corrected eight errors in data entry. Two of these errors affected the order of the teams breaking 18th through 21st. The tab now shows these corrected scores, so the order of teams in the team tab does not match the order used to pair the elimination rounds. The "Break" column on the Open Break page shows the seed that was used to pair the elimination rounds. We regret the errors and apologize to the affected teams.

A more detailed report of what happened will follow in the next couple of weeks.

Tournament Staff

Tabulation: Chuan-Zheng Lee, Bexley Brown, Steven Penner

Organisation: Lloyd Lyall (convenor), Sierra Maciorowski (logistics), Andrew Chizewer (events, status), Jackie Li (registration), Rich Boltizar (faculty liaison)

Adjudication: Evan Lynyak, Zoë Seaman-Grant, Danny DeBois, Aislin Flynn, David Slater